Hot Footin Bear


* 1 tightly tied up bear with size 12 EEE's
* Cigarettes
* Bic Lighter
* Blow Dryer
* 12' fireplace matchsticks
* matches
* shoestring
* clothespins

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Number 57

The year was 2317, and after the Chinese conquest 200 years earlier, all white citizens of the United States were sold into slavery. The Chinese, being the ruthless conquerors they were at the time, demanded ungodly amounts of work to be performed by their slaves. These slaves worked 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week; and while the death rate among the slaves was very high, most endured this oppression for their entire lives.

There was one particular master named Lo Chang who was especially cruel and demanded that his slaves perform a certain amount of work daily, lest they be punished. He commanded authority and made sure his slaves knew their place. They never referred to him as anything other than "Master." And when he punished them, he tortured them mentally as well as physically. Also, his slaves were not given names, but numbers; and he had hundreds of them. He did have some nontraditional methods of torture that motivated his slaves to meet production quickly, and he would employ them in a heartbeat if any of his slaves were lazy or disrespectful.

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Fun With a Lifeguard

I was strolling along the beach. Suddenly my eyes fell on the most sexy and handsome lifeguard I have ever seen in my entire life. He was 6ft 4inches tall, had dark hair and deep brown eyes. His stomach was firm and hard, his abs looked very beautiful. He had strong and long legs and two very lovely feet. I have been a tickle freak since I was a child. I walked up to him and asked him if he would like to join me at my house for some drinks and dinner. He agreed. So we drove to my house. I offered him drinks and some snacks. I had drugged those drinks.

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Let's Roast The Sucker or: Let The Cookout Begin

"I don't think you understand the trouble you're in, young fellow. You've been brought here because we are being paid to get information from you.

"You are not only a great example for my team members to practice on, but you're going to be the life of the party. You see, this is our monthly weekend cookout, and you're just what we needed for entertainment."

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I had gotten so I didn't even know the color of the sky. I walked along the city streets mesmerized by the countless shapes and sizes of men's feet. I seemed always to be in a state of arousal, wondering how their feet would feel rubbing over my face and chest, their taste and smell exciting me.

What once was a mild sexual turn-on had now become an obsession, a commanding driving force compelling me to go through all the rest-the whippings, the hot wax, the often brutal insertions of countless cocks and fists just to get a chance with their feet.

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