Professor Wiley vs. the Football Team

Professor Ian Wiley teaches Human Anatomy at the University of Oklahoma. I am Thad Simms, Professor Wiley's teaching assistant. We were working late one night in the lab when I saw a large envelope come shooting out from under the door. I opened the door, but I was too late.

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David's Fun

I'm in a bit of a bind here...let me tell you my story and maybe you'll have some helpful advice for me. I guess the best place to start is two weeks ago.

My best friend Mike was visiting from Virginia and was here for a week until leaving for a new job in London (yeah, rough life). He was partly here to see me, but mostly here to see his old flame David. David was, in my humble opinion, a major fuck-up.

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The Stocks

All was quiet in the King's court as the castle guards roughly ushered in the town blacksmith, known to others in the village as Samuel. Before this moment, he had only seen the king from afar, and now his guards were hustling him to His Royal Majesty himself.

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Tickle Interrogation

Okay, it was done.

I hung up the receiver and slid cautiously out of the telephone booth. If they kidnapped me now, at least they wouldn't have a clue that I had sent for reinforcements.

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Frat House Interrogation

Kidnapping the president of a rival fraternity was a kind of tradition. It usually happened twice a year and generally just after midterms or finals. Though exactly when, of course, nobody ever knew. We had kidnapped the president of Beta Theta Chi back sometime in the beginning of November, just after midterms. These kidnappings were all for the benefit of the new pledges of course. The more worldly upperclassmen just went along to make sure we never got into any real trouble (So they said! I suspect they enjoyed it even more than we did!). A kidnapping typically consisted of a midnight sneak-attack on the rival fret's home turf where the president was then spirited away in his bed clothes off to some camp site at the edge of town or maybe just over to Edy's or Fenton's for a late-night sundae.

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