Tickle Contract

I, ________________________ agree to allow ___________________ to do the following to me. I enter into this contract willingly. When I am asked a question, I will respond with "Yes" or "No".

1) I will present myself dressed as follows: Shorts, underwear, sneakers (and socks). I will indicate readiness for the scene to begin by saying, "I am prepared to be tickled, sir."

2) [I will allow myself to be blindfolded(optional)] before lying down on the bed face-up, arms raised over my head, as instructed.

3) I will allow myself to be tied spread-eagle to the bed. I will not speak unless spoken to while the bonds are adjusted.

4) I understand and allow the following to be done to me:
I am to be tickled non-stop for a minimum of 30 minutes. If I should require a rest, I will say the word "Blue" and the tickling will stop for 2 minutes exactly. I understand that the 2 minute rest periods will not count towards the total time I am to be tickled. I understand that each time I say the word "Blue", AN ADDITIONAL 10 MINUTES WILL BE ADDED TO THE TOTAL TIME I AM TO BE TICKLED NON-STOP.