Holding The Truth

For all of you who are into tickling and kinky stuff like that, listen up, cause I have a great story to tell you.

My name is Joey and this story happened some years ago when I lived in the outer areas of McComb, Mississippi. It was a quiet town in general, but when something happened, almost everyone found out in some way or another.

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Brian's Torment

I got into a fight with my little brother and it changed my life. He was less than two years younger than I was, but I had always been able to dominate him-one of the benefits of being older. Whether we played hoops one on one, football or wrestled on the living room floor, I always beat him, which made him furious. I guess I was kind of a dick towards him, but it was fun. I'm that kind of guy. I remember one Saturday when mom and dad had gone to an out of town wedding, he pissed me off about something and I ended up pinning him and keeping him down for hours. He really couldn't get up unless I let him and I eventually had him crying tears of frustration.

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My Brother, The Tickle Freak

When I was about 5 years old, my older brother discovered that I have extremely ticklish feet. He used to jump across our bedroom, when we were supposed to be going to sleep. He'd sit on my ankles, untuck the covers and sheets, and tickle torture my bare feet. Not particularly subtle, he would just assault both of my feet in their entirety. It was pretty routine, but I came to look forward to these sessions.

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Two Ticklish Brothers

My first intense tickling experiences came about with my younger brother. He was just as ticklish as I am. One time when I was 14 and Chris was 12, our parents left me in charge for the day. We went into the backyard to throw the football around for a while. After 10 minutes, the neighborhood kids came over. There were 4 of them. Cory was with them. Now, my bro had been fighting with him over the summer. As soon as he saw him, he yelled, "Get out of my yard, asshole" and started shoving Cory around.

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Tickling Juan

One weekend afternoon at the height of summer, Raul, Pedro and Juan, three brothers, were sitting around their apartment. Their parents had gone upstate for the day, but here in the city it seemed too hot to go outside, stay inside or do much of anything - even though the three boys were only wearing jock straps, tight running shorts and gold neck chains that set off their tawny skins. Raul and Pedro were in their late teens, and had sex on their minds constantly. Juan was fourteen and never seemed to have his mind on anything but schoolwork. Even now he was lying on a mattress with his nose in a book while his brothers sat trading bullshit on various subjects.

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